Padel courts in Estepona

Paddle tracks synthetic turf tracks


The Tennis Club of Estepona has 6 synthetic turf padel courts, which presents a series of very important characteristics for the players, favoring the damping with the aim of reducing the risk of injuries. The silica sand in the tracks facilitates the grip of the shoes preventing slippage and providing an adequate slip.

Paddle Tracks with National Recognition


In addition the 100% glazed surface allows to have a greater vision and spectacular for the spectators and players. Throughout the year we organize mix of paddle for fans of this sport, as well as open tournaments for different categories: male, female and mixed.

At the Estepona Tennis Club you will be able to enjoy wonderful sunny days on our professional paddle courts with your teammates while you practice the most fashionable sport.

If you are a fan and practice paddle on the Costa del Sol on a regular basis, you will know how fun this sport is, and it is that it allows a large number of movements, being played in pairs.

At the Estepona Tennis Club you can develop your knowledge and your sporting experience on professional paddle courts.

Paddle courts at our Estepona Club

At the Estepona Tennis Club you will find six courts to practice paddle:

  1. Synthetic grass paddle courts, characterized by being a type of safe court that allows players to enjoy quality matches. This type of paddle courts favor cushioning, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury to players.
  2. The synthetic grass courts seek to provide an effective response to the growing sports practice of paddle, since it has become one of the most practiced sports and which incorporates constant innovations to achieve innovative facilities.

Although concrete paddle courts used to be used long ago, the trend has led to the construction of artificial grass courts, since it meets all the characteristics that can be expected for the game to be complete.

The paddle courts of the Estepona Tennis Club ensure full cushioning for both the ball and the player, with the risk of injury being almost non-existent.

What differentiates our paddle  courts from the rest

The paddle courts of the Estepona Tennis Club have national recognition.

We are talking about paddle courts, located in one of the best locations on the entire Costa del Sol, properly glazed, allowing great vision and making it possible for spectators to exist without endangering them.

Mix-in of paddle at the Estepona Tennis Club

At the Estepona Tennis Club we organize paddle mix-ins, which consist of a mix of several players who will play against each other for a period of two hours. In it, the partner is not fixed, but on the contrary it changes in each set (five games or what is set by the organizer).

These are fun tournaments, which you can enjoy and experience with us. In addition, you can reserve our courts according to availability.

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