Tennis court in Estepona

Tennis clay courts

4 clay courts to play at the highest level. Practice and enjoy tennis with our 11 courts: 5 of clay, 2 of resin, 3 of tennisquick and 1 sports center.

The Estepona Tennis Club consists of ten tennis courts, of which four are clay courts and another six are hard courts.

Tennis courts with international recognition

Enjoy facilities tested by ATP Players

Enjoy our tracks where they practice and train some of the best players in the ATP. Our clay courts are recognized nationally and internationally by numerous professionals from the world of tennis who come to our club to train, practice and play attracted not only by our facilities, but also by the spectacular weather that accompanies our city, Estepona.

Legends like Manolo Santana or Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, players like Jiri Novak or Pepe Imaz (current coach of Novak Djokovic) have visited and enjoyed our tracks and facilities.

5 clay courts

6 fast tracks

The Estepona Tennis Club was founded in 1988, directed since October 2016 by Fernando Gil, an experienced professional in the world of tennis.

We are located on the Costa del Sol, in Estepona, offering facilities that have a total of 24,000 square meters, intended for practicing sports, both tennis and paddle.

Tennis Courts in our Estepona Club

The Estepona Tennis Club has a total of eleven professional tennis courts. In our facilities you will find:

  1. Clay courts, where you can enjoy professional games at the highest level. Thanks to its popularity and flexibility, being very comfortable and contributing to safe sport. In it there are low injury rates, in exchange for maximum comfort. At the Estepona Tennis Club you will find five clay courts.
  2. Resin tracks, these are tracks that have been made of resin, being used in tournaments and competitions. If you don’t know them by this name and you are a tennis fan, surely you will know it by “fast court”, which incorporate high quality systems so that the handling of the ball is complete, allowing any type of movement (fast and slow ). In our Tennis Club, you will find two resin courts.
  3. Tennisquick courts, built with porous concrete pavement. A very common track in tennis courts and sports centers, since its use is alternative, and can be used for numerous purposes. It is a durable and resistant track, with anti-slip properties. Manufactured with excellent quality materials, to offer our tennis players maximum confidence. In our Tennis Club, you will find three tennis quick courts.
  4. Sports court, made with high quality components and elements so that tennis practice (amateur and professional) is excellent. Large in size and fully secure. At the Estepona Tennis Club, you will find a sports court.

What differentiates our Club from the rest

At the Estepona Tennis Club we have facilities for safe sports practice, which is our special concern. This fact is confirmed by the reception of hundreds of prestigious tennis professionals who decide to visit and choose our facilities to practice.

All our eleven tracks have been designed and assembled in compliance with all the requirements established by the regulations, making sure that they have been prepared and installed with high quality, to offer safety and confidence to our athletes, offering systems that guarantee excellent behaviour, speed and ball boats.

In addition, although on the Costa del Sol we usually enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year, our tennis courts in Estepona are prepared to withstand and continue to provide maximum comfort, even in adverse weather conditions (intense cold, heat and rain). . Book our tennis courts.

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